5 Quick Tips for Upcoming Bands

It’s never easy being in an upcoming band, especially in a place like India. But like everywhere, there are a few things we should concentrate on more than anything else.
I’m not going to share anything new as such, but just 5 tips which will make sure you’re on the right track.

1.Practice – “Practice? Obviously we practice man, what’s wrong with you?”

By practice, I mean unadulterated, concentrated practice. Working on small things such as transitions, structure of the song(s), arrangements, use of different patches and sounds, etc. Every day of practice or a jam session makes a big difference in how well your band can do. More the times you practice, the more comfortable you will be playing live, the more you’ll get to know your band mates, the more you can improvise. So the first step to taking over the world, has to be practice.

2.Work on sound –

This is one thing bands  tend to skip quite often. What guitar patches or bass tones you hear on your small amp at home aren’t going to sound the same on stage. Try getting your hands on a pair of monitors, or at least plug in a good pair of headphones and build your guitar patches, and any kind of instruments you’re using.
Getting a distinct sound, one that works and fits in well together is of utmost importance. Balance all your instruments proportionately and leave the ego and immature antics to the jam room, only.

3.Get your stage act right –

Being in a band isn’t all about the music, at all times. When you’re playing live, people who have paid to watch your or are even watching you for free, are there to listen to good music and also to be entertainedYour stance, some choreographed moves, or just a band that looks great on stage will make the audience remember you for longer and make them want to check you out again.

4.Recording/Demo tracks are a must –

Home recording is getting very accessible these days, and it isn’t too hard to record decent quality demos at home. If this isn’t an option for you or your band, you can contact local studios or producers and work out a good deal for recording a couple of tracks. The first thing a band needs to get more shows, or better quality shows is well produced music. This is one investment which will always be beneficial to a band.

5.Promotion comes after building a portfolio –

Most new bands tend to promote their social media pages without much on them. Upload some music, get some good artwork, play a couple of shows and video record them (if possible, of course), link all your platforms and then start your promotional activities. Promotion is effective only when your band has some material to promote. Also, one thing to remember is there’s a huge difference between promotion and spam. Keep your cool!


5 Quick Tips!

5 Quick Tips!


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