Orbitual: Becoming (Part 02)

Band had broken up. We lost Tushar, for reasons that I don’t really seem to remember so well.
Everything was quite a blur in that end November/December period. We were pretty lost at that point, and thought we’d give ourselves some time because our board exams were coming anyways.
Gear and equipment was always such a huge part about a band, and like it or not, a band that has better gear and uses it well is most likely to sound a lot better than you. Reality.
I’d been wanting to buy a Line 6 Pod X3 since a while, but I was waiting for the Hd500 to launch. In this period we were using a weak Korg AX series processor. Fast-forward to Christmas morning and Sachin gives me a call that  really changed a lot of things for the band, and actually personally as well. He called Ayush and me, telling us that his uncle had just gifted him a Pod X3. Where in the world do you hear these kinds of ‘miracles’?

That incident was pretty awesome. It helped us continue to make music at home and satisfy is for the short break, at least.
After getting the X3, I started practicing home production, and it really helped that I had a great processor with me.
It’s hard to take in, but bands who are serious on getting great shows and staying in the limelight for the long run, do need good equipment. You either have to work hard for it, or hope for really good luck, like with us. Unless of course you were born with a silver spoon.

After the exams, interaction between all of us was becoming pretty normal again, and we wanted to jam for the heck of it. During the first jam we realized how much we’e missed things and how much we wanted to get back on stage. That led to us practicing hard everyday and composing songs like never before – in fact we changed pretty much all our tracks considerably and worked hard on achieving a more mature sound.
We wanted to change the name from ‘Band Aid’ to something more mature and realistic. After a lot of discussions, we settled on a culmination of two words ‘Orbit’ and ‘Ritual’, both signifying things we’ve gone through before to get where we are now. The sacrifices we’ve made, and how things had gotten us to play with each other again. It was unbelievable.

Our first show after coming back was at Kyra (No surprises there, eh?) called Warp Zone. Hosted by an old friend, Prasheel. Monday night metal, which was pretty weird, but the future was bright (Protogenic Productions, my company, went on to manage 5 more editions of this show). It was amazing. We were where we always wanted to be – on stage.
We set ourselves a policy that we would play as many shows as possible, but almost none, or very few competitions, which I thought was a brilliant decision, which it was. It gave us a better gauge of how we were as a band. Competitions are great at times, but why limit yourselves to 15 minutes on stage, bad sound, biased judges and moreover the politics that go on backstage? We wanted to be as professional as we could, and we tried. It was working. We got more and more shows this way, and the best part was, we were growing.

We got a call to participate in a competition at Coimbatore at DJ Academy of Design (DJAD), and we had a couple of friends there as well. We decided that this could be a good opportunity for us to showcase our music to a different audience, and would be a good experience, so off we went. Our first ever show from Bangalore.
The show was amazing fun to play at, and the trip even better, but the politics and nonsense that took place after really put us off. We lost out of two bands and the crowd was pretty disappointed as well, the judge even told us that we lost because we didn’t have enough ‘melody’ in our music. Heh.
Good thing was, we made some good contacts there and they promised to get us back to Coimbatore sometime in the future. Devanshu and Joel, promised us that they would get us back.

After getting back, we continued our run of shows and played as much as we could. We were growing. We were becoming a band that people started recognizing.
This, was the real Orbitual.



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