Diwali: A Festival of Light, not sound!

Good morning everyone, and a very happy Diwali to all.

As a kid, I always used to wait for one week of the year. The time when it was Diwali. The half-destructive mind of children just wants to see things blow up, create huge noises and the amazing lights  in the night sky! It truly is a beautiful sight and there was nothing better, I’ll admit. But soon after, everything started changing.. I didn’t like crackers anymore, much to the shock of neighbors and other families in the area.

But all this was around 12-15 years ago. What’s changed?
I don’t see why every single household needs to buy a ton of firecrackers, just to enjoy Diwali. After all, it is the festival of lights and not of sound. It’s a celebration that families have, to illuminate their lives and to acknowledge that there is light, at the end of the day.
This wasn’t the only reason.
Think about all the pollution, the dangerous gases being let out into the atmosphere, kids of my age working in hazardous factories and many of them getting terminal diseases, the animals, such as dogs, cats and birds getting scared and losing their hearing.

The noise of firecrackers, measured in decibels is around 140 to 150 dB, which according to all standards and recommendations is way above what it’s supposed to be. What is the ‘safe’ amount? It’s around 95 dB. The human ear has around 200 milliseconds to deploy it’s defence mechanism against sounds above a certain limit, so exposure to firecrackers longer than 20 minutes could be very very dangerous, and it often leads to temporary disability and even deafness. The very bright lights could also harm the eyes.

If all this doesn’t change your mind, what about the physical hazards that firecrackers pose?
Rockets, which don’t have any particular trajectory, small crackers which can jump up and down and change colours, aptly named the ‘Butterfly’ and possibly 100’s of others which I don’t know about. People may have serious injuries.

Is this all worth it for a ‘celebration’ with family?
Think about it. Let’s make this Diwali a little safer, and a little less harmful to the Earth and it’s inhabitants.

Have a safe, and wonderful Diwali, and make sure your house is lit up in celebrations!

Image courtesy: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2763/4020512452_b503310a4b.jpg


6 responses to “Diwali: A Festival of Light, not sound!

  1. I totally agree bro… But I absolutely love crackers. Iv been at war with myself over these conflicting decisions!:P Your post just might help start a change in that!

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